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SimpleView free document viewer and editor.

Download SimpleView Freeware OCR

Freeware OCR, image viewer and editor. Includes a 30-day trial for advanced image editing and batch processing features. Basic viewing and OCR functions are free and never expire.

SimpleView turns your Windows folders into a basic document management system, with advanced file and text searching, image editing, and annotations. View common image formats like TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PSD, JPEG 2000, HEIF, etc. as well as PDF files and MS Office documents in the same interface. Add notes and other markup with annotations.

Download SimpleIndex

Affordable high-speed scanning, barcode recognition and dynamic OCR indexing for scanned documents.

Uses ABBYY FineReader OCR engine for zone OCR data capture or batch converting documents to PDF files, Word documents and other format.

Extract data from OCR text or from existing text in PDF files and MS Office documents using Regular Expression templates and dictionary files.

Automatically rename and upload documents to your custom database or document management system.

Command-line interface for 1-click processing and integration with custom applications.

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Download SimpleOCR SDK

All SDK downloads and online ordering are accessed using your SimpleOCR user account. You must create a user account to download the SDK and command line demos.

Download SimpleOCR Classic Freeware

This is the original, legacy SimpleOCR freeware app. It provides basic scanning, OCR and text editing capabilities with no limit or license restrictions.

It is bundled with a demo version of SoftWriting handprint recognition software, which is no longer supported or available for purchase.