The primary purpose of Optical Character Recognition is to quickly and automatically convert scanned images of machine-printed (typed) text - which to a computer are no more meaningful a collection of pixels than any other image, such as a landscape photo - into actual text data that you can search through and modify.

When one computer doesn't have enough processing power to quickly convert thousands of files, Server OCR software can intelligently split the tasks among multiple processors, finishing in a fraction of the time.

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SimpleIndex Batch OCR
SimpleSoftware SimpleIndex

SimpleIndex combines ABBYY FineReader OCR technology with powerful pattern matching features to extract useful data from OCR text and use it to file documents automatically. Perfect for small to mid-sized businesses that need to digitize many documents at once. Also supports other labor-saving technologies like barcode recognition, zone OCR, and database lookups.

OCR results can be saved to text, MS Word or searchable PDF and PDF/A files. Data can be saved to CSV (Excel), any SQL database, embedded in folders and filenames or used as file SharePoint 2010 metadata.

Affordable desktop and server licensing with no pay-per-click makes SimpleIndex the most cost effective software of its kind!

ABBYY FineReader Server
ABBYY Recognition Server

Innovative server-based OCR software for performing centralized enterprise-wide OCR processing. Processor license allows anyone on the network to submit files for OCR. Complex XML job specifications can be submitted to control output. Support available for Arabic and Asian languages.

IRISDocument Server
IRIS Document Server

IRISDocument Server is a lower cost solution compared to recognition server, but lacks some of the more advanced features and has slightly lower accuracy.

Several versions are available with varying monthly page processing limitations, letting you scale your solution to meet your budget requirements. Asian, Arabic, and Hebrew language packs are also available.

PaperVision Capture OCR

Designed for service bureaus and large scanning departments, PaperVision Capture OCR by Digitech brings an uprecedented level of efficiency and power to information capture. Work with everything, implement any custom process you want, and track any statistic you need. Provides index value population and document break insertion as an automated process.