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How to create a from Microsoft® Word, Excel, or PowerPoint


How to convert emails to


How to Split a PDF

Create new PDF documents or separate PDF documents combined in one easily with FineReader PDF 15.

Learn how to split PDFs and extract pages easily.



How to create and edit interactive PDF forms

Watch this video and see how to edit and create interactive PDF forms quickly and easily.

Form Editor tool in FineReader PDF 15 allows creating and editing fillable PDF forms with text and date fields, dropdown lists, list boxes, checkmarks, radio buttons, signature fileds and action buttons. Collect information and create effective document templates with ease!


How to extract text from scanned PDFs



How to extract tables



How can I verify if the digital signature is valid?

If you open a document with a valid digital signature in FineReader, you will see a green notification Valid on the left panel of ABBYY FineReader PDF 15:

Recognizing a document with existing text layer in FineReader PDF 15

  1. Open FineReader PDF 15;
  2. Go to Tools > Options > OCR;
  3. In the PDF recognition mode select Use OCR option:
  4.  Click OK;
  5.  Recognize your document again.



How to convert a document into an accessible PDF/UA

Make your mixed documents—PDF, scanned, photographed, or papers— digital and accessible.

In this video you will see how to convert your documents into the PDF/UA format to ensure accessibility compliance.


How to convert PDF to Microsoft Word

With FineReader PDF 15 turn your PDFs, digital or scanned, into fully-editable Microsoft Word documents with accurately reproduced layout and structure for effortless editing.

In this video you will see how to convert PDF to Word using FineReader PDF 15 – the smarter PDF solution.


How to convert a document into a searchable PDF

In this video you will see how to convert such documents into searchable PDF with ease.



How to protect documents converted to PDFs with passwords

With FineReader PDF for Mac, you can reliably protect your documents from unauthorized access by converting them into password-protected PDFs.

In this video you will see how to digitize documents to PDF and set open and permission passwords.



How to edit any PDF

Edit and rearrange paragraphs of text in digital and scanned PDFs easily with FineReader PDF 15.

In this tutorial video you will see how to turn Edit mode on, make revisions to edit paragraphs, and rearrange the elements of the layout within a page!

Easily edit and organize PDFs, plus much more with FineReader – the smarter PDF solution.

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