Desktop, on-premise server and cloud-based document management systems for advanced security, records management and workflow, not just cloud storage.

  • SimpleView


    Application for managing and viewing scanned documents, images and PDF files.

    Unlike other freeware PDF viewers, SimpleView is designed to work with many files at once instead of one at a time. The free version also supports TWAIN scanning and the ability to move, rearrange and rotate pages.

  • Tungsten Kofax PaperPort Standard allows individuals and small organizations to scan, share, search and organize documents in a simple, integrated solution. With Tungsten PaperPort, you can take individual information management to new levels of productivity and security using the ultimate digital filing cabinet.
  • Tungsten Kofax PaperPort Professional empowers your organization to take control of document management beyond the desktop. With Tungsten PaperPort Professional, office workers or individual professionals can save time and money with instant access to all documents—anytime, anywhere.
  • SimpleSearch implements the same SimpleIndex interface in "Retrieval" mode, hiding all the menus and toolbars used for scanning. Index fields normally used to assign values are used for searching instead.

    SimpleSearch can use SimpleIndex's built-in database to perform searches, or connect to any other database, even those for existing business applications. Users simply type index values they want to find and SimpleIndex displays the matches. Partial matching and full text searches are also supported. Displayed documents can be printed, e-mailed or opened in their associated application (Word, Adobe Reader, Excel, etc.). SimpleSearch can view several common image formats, PDF files and can preview files for any OLE-enabled application installed on your computer (MS Office, Adobe applications, AutoCad, etc.)

  • PAPERVISION performs dependable electronic document management to automate office environments, conserve paper, time, money, and provide peace of mind. Retrieval solutions provide enterprise scalability and functionality with advanced features that enhance your efficiency and protect corporate data. Electronic information is retrieved instantly with our user-friendly graphical interface that displays a complete overview of all your available projects. View, manipulate, print, fax, export, and e-mail documents directly from your PC. On-premise installation or cloud hosted services available.
  • Computhink's ContentVerse® provides Document Management Solutions that integrate into your existing infrastructure, supplying the missing piece of the puzzle for secure information sharing and compliance, targeting small and medium size organizations. Computhink’s ContentVerse streamlines business processes, improves customer service, reduces costs and ensures compliance.
  • Digitech PaperVision's Process Automation Tools (RPA) allow to improve your business processes. These tools simplify your processes by enabling sharing of information between applications and using electronic “bots” to log into your software and automatically perform tasks that were previously done by humans.
  • Take data from nearly any source, extract useful data, drive to logical conclusion using relevant microservices. For example, ingest invoice, automatically classify it, extract information, drive invoice through business rules, automatically pay it.
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    IRIS IRISmart File

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    Intelligent software for semi-automatic naming and classification of documents. Designed for personal document management without the headache of manual organization.


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