Why use barcodes in ?

There are many benefits to using barcodes while scanning your documents.

Traditional scanning methods require you to scan your documents in pre-separated batches and then manually name and organize the resulting files. Barcode scanning, on the other hand, allows you to scan multiple batches in a single stack and let the software automatically name and organize the files based on the embedded barcode information. This allows you to take full advantage of your automatic document feeding scanner. After all, what’s the point of paying for a high-speed scanner if your scanning speed bottlenecks at the processing stage?

As in OCR based document scanning software, barcode  uses information on the scanned images themselves to name files and place them in the appropriate folders. However, OCR can sometimes incorrectly recognize certain words and phrases, especially when you are trying to scan at lower resolutions to reduce file size and scanning time. This results in having to perform validation and correction, which slows down the process. Barcodes condense all the necessary information in a format that is much easier for computers to decipher, even at lower resolutions, with almost 100% accuracy. This allows you to reduce file size and scanning time without the cost of additional validation and correction.

  • Simple Software SimpleIndex Product Suites offer you a better deal on bundles of essential products. SimpleIndex Barcode Suite combines best Simple Software products to create a complete Barcode OCR solution. It includes:
    • SimpleIndex Barcode Server  license with built in Accusoft barcode engine and server functionality.
    • SimpleSend solution enables automated sending of document files via secure FTP or email. SimpleSend enhances the functionality of SimpleIndex in several ways as well as functioning as a standalone application.
    • SimpleExport license is designed to convert any delimited text file into any XML or formatted text file format using XSLT. It automates the process of applying XSLTs, especially for document imaging applications where the data has matching files that must be moved or renamed along with the data.
    • 5 licenses of SimpleCoversheet which is designed to work with data sources like SQL databases, spreadsheets and text files to dynamically build lists of barcodes to print. This is especially useful in document scanning applications where barcodes are used to identify and file documents automatically.
  • Document capture solution with a one-click interface that automates your scanning and document filing by creating easy-to-find electronic content, saving you time and money.  It’s highly customizable to meet even the most detailed needs, with top quality technicians to support your requirements. SimpleIndex Pro version Includes: SimpleIndex Standard, ISIS scanning, FineReader OCR Accusoft Barcode Upgrades
  • SimpleQB


    Allows you to create QuickBooks transactions from any data source.


    OCR data capture tools like SimpleIndex can read data from documents like invoices that must be entered in QuickBooks.

    However, QuickBooks doesn't have a way to import this data. SimpleQB enables you to import any type of transaction data from any data capture application or database.

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