IRIS IRISmart Invoice

IRISmart Invoice offers intelligent, semi-automatic capture and classification of invoices, improving financial and accounting management. IRISmart Invoice has an ability to access a summary view of all inbound invoices which are classified, commented, categorized, and pre-posted. It offers real-time OCR and a tool that automatically recognizes up to eight key fields, letting you track and categorize invoices by these fields right out of the box.

IRISmart Invoice converts your invoices at up to 30 pages per minute into compressed, searchable PDF documents, and offers full integration with the most popular cloud services, including Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and OneDrive. It is also compatible with the majority of scanners on the market.


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A valuable aid for financial & accounting management (freelancers, microbusinesses, and SME)

Ideal for freelancers as well as any manager or accountant: IRISmart Invoice will help you to manage your daily invoices in a super efficient and organised manner. Any manager who wants to quickly and consistently file their invoices into ordered folders and would like to monitor their expenses more closely will find IRISmart Invoice to be a major ally. It will be a valuable aid for financial or accounting managers in charge of managing expenses. They will gain a direct, summary view into all of their incoming invoices, which are then classified, commented on, categorized, and even pre-posted!

Supercharge expense management: use intelligent filing of your invoices, categorise them and optimise payment approval.

  • Invoice classification. Semi-automatic classification of your invoices: your stacks of invoices are sorted into predefined folders, either by supplier or date (local or Cloud storage)
  • Invoice encoding. On-the-fly OCR and a powerful recognition tool to recognise up to 8 key fields from your invoices (supplier, date, total amount excluding taxes, total amount including taxes, invoice number, VAT number, VAT amount, VAT* rate) for efficient encoding and monitoring.
  • Manage your expenses. Categorise your expense for better analysis: assign an expense category per invoice Add, delete, or modify expense categories on the fly while viewing the invoice.
  • Prepare your charts of accounts. Prepare for account posting tasks thanks to default integration with standardised accounting plans (BE/FR/NL/CH/US/DE/IT/SP) so that you can preselect the main account to be posted per expense type Add, delete, or modify accounts on the fly while viewing the invoice.
  • Lightning fast. Process your documents at speeds up to 30 pages per minute; with the ability to rename, file, index, compress, categorise, and pre-post a significant volume of invoices per day due to parallel batch processing.
  • Export to the Cloud. Manage your invoices from A to Z thanks to perfect integration with Cloud & DMS platforms: MS SharePoint®, BOX, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive and OneDrive for document management.
  • Create compressed and indexed PDFs. Archiving and optimised search at your fingertips thanks to automatic, on-the-fly conversion of all of your invoices into compressed and indexed PDFs while maintaining perfect legibility of the text.
  • Compatible with most scanners. Software compatible with the majority of scanners available on the market: ideal for digitising your office and moving to electronic document management.

File multiple batches of invoices and control your expenses.

Import your invoices into IRISmart Invoice and process them at the same time: up to 8 metadata elements will be recognised automatically (the supplier, date, total amount excluding taxes, total amount including taxes, VAT number, VAT amount, VAT rate*). If a field is not recognised, the simplified interface will notify you and, with help from on-the-fly OCR, allow you to enter the missing or incorrect information. Your invoices are then renamed in a structured manner, then semi-automatically sorted into folders according to your needs. The sorting can be done per date or supplier name. This sorting “rule” will be automatically applied for each invoice processed under the same scenario. Key information (metadata) from your invoices is also automatically listed in a central Excel file, for optimal monitoring of all of your expenses.

Extraction of key data from your invoices for optimal monitoring.

In addition to easy, semi-automatic sorting of your invoices, IRISmart Invoice enables you to keep a summary view of all of your expenses. The software generates a single Excel file, automatically listing all of the key data extracted from your invoices (supplier, date, amount VAT…). This file centralises the essential information so that you can monitor your expenses. This is a valuable feature for any manager, accountant or other financial manager. This file (with a hyperlink to each invoice document) can also be sent or shared with your fiduciary or financial manager so they can approve payment.

Different volumes available to meet your needs.

IRISmart Invoice has a reservoir that holds a certain amount of invoices per year. This reservoir contains 500, 1,000 or 3,000 invoices depending on the version. One invoice is a paper or electronic document with one or more pages. Processing one invoice decrements the IRISmart Invoice counter by one unit. When the reservoir is close to empty, a message prompts you to reload your counter. Refills (tanks) of 500, 1000, or 3000 invoices per year are available.