Kofax Power PDF is the smart replacement for Adobe Acrobat for maximum savings without compromise. Power PDF allows you to make changes to PDF files with the fluidity, flexibility and interactivity of real word processing. In addition you can share, edit and discuss document changes using text or voice chat in real-time with multiple people. Plus you can have anywhere, anytime access to your documents using popular Cloud services.

Kofax OCR

Kofax already had a large variety of products for your business automation like Kofax Capture to integrate data into your data workflow, or Kofax VRS Elite to deal with less then perfect images and to capture even the toughest to recognize documents. But lately Kofax had acquired Nuance’s Document Imaging Division and thus created one of the most powerful family of products for business automation. With products like OmniPage Ultimate or Standard offers you a good versatile OCR packages for small or mid level businesses. There is, also, an OmniPage Server option for much larger document volumes. Kofax OmniPage converts paper, PDF files and forms into documents you can [...]

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Convert Image to Excel

Whether you operate a small company, oversee financial documentation at a larger organization, you are faced with the problem of numerical information management. When you’re faced with a large list of data, or a document filled with facts and figures, one of the best ways to make this information easily digestible is to create a table or spreadsheet. Although incredibly useful, identifying and transferring all of this data can be a bit of a task. Misreading data or mismatching of data to fields could easily ruin your data processing system. Thus, precision of data character recognition becomes essential. Due to the fact that Excel is a core Microsoft software [...]

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PDF Converters are similar to but separate from regular desktop OCR software. Desktop Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software offers a variety of options for converting from an assortment of image formats into your choice of editable formats. PDF Converting software offer fewer options, limiting themselves to the PDF image file type. However, many of them are able to modify PDF files in other ways, such as compressing the file size and adding security measures. ABBYY Finereder 15 now includes functions of ABBYY PDF Transformer's intuitive, versatile, multilingual tool enables you to easily convert any type of PDF into editable formats with the original layout and formatting retained. [...]

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MAC OCR Software

When you scan a document that has text or numeric data on it, you are able to read and understand what is written in the scanned image. However, to a computer, the resulting image file is just as meaningless an assortment of pixels as a landscape photo. In order to transform this information into an editable format that you can search through, copy, and modify without retyping it manually, you will need the an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. There is a wide variety of OCR software available. While they all share the ability to convert images of machine printed (not handwritten) text or numbers into an editable format, the various [...]

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Nuance OCR

Once Nuance offered you a large variety of products to automate your document streams and to make life of both small and large companies easier. There were products like OmniPage Ultimate or Standard offering you a good versatile OCR packages for small or mid level businesses. There was an OmniPage Server option for much larger document volumes. Plus, Nuance offered products like PaperPort as a document management software for new levels of office organization. And there were variety of Nuance Dragon speech recognition software products to make your business automation complete. All together it was creating a complete automation ecosystem for your company. But lately Nuance decided to leave [...]

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OCR Guide

Answer these simple questions and let us to help you find what you need. Optical Character Recognition During your foray into the world of document scanning, you've likely encountered the term "OCR" and may even know that it stands for "Optical Character Recognition". But what exactly is OCR and how can you make the best use of this sophisticated and valuable tool? We're here to give you a run-down of what you need to know about Optical Character Recognition, answer any questions you might have, and recommend the best OCR software solution for your scanning project. Let's begin! What is OCR? The primary [...]

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