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Cloud OCRWith the development of Cloud Computing, more and more OCR solutions started to move processing to the cloud. There are several major Cloud OCR solutions like AWS Textract (from Amazon), Azure AI Vision (from Microsoft), Google Cloud Vision AI, as well as more specialized solutions like ABBYY Vantage.

These days it is much harder to find an OCR data capture solution that is not fully or partly cloud-based.

Sunshine OCR, On Premise OCR,Sunshine Software or Sunshine OCR refers to on-premise Optical Character Recognition software that requires no internet connection to operate. Since there is no Cloud involved, we are calling it Sunshine Software to shine a light on the advantages of avoiding the Cloud.

We call it “Sunshine” because it’s catchy and makes us smile. But also because there is no good marketing term for this type of software. Before the “Cloud” became popular, it was known as simply as “Software.” After the development of Cloud Computing, it has been referred to as On-Prem, On-Premise, On-Site, Offline, Local, Native, Self-Hosted, In-House and other terms, but none of them highlight the benefits it has over the Cloud like Sunshine Software.

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Cloud OCR or Sunshine OCR?

Cloud OCRIn the ever-evolving landscape of technology, businesses are faced with critical decisions regarding the deployment of software. Two prominent models, cloud-based and sunshine-based (on-premise) software, offer distinct approaches to meeting organizational needs. Understanding the differences between these models is essential for making informed decisions aligned with business goals and requirements.

Key Characteristics

Cloud-Based OCR Software:

Cloud OCR software operates on remote servers accessible over the internet. This model offers unparalleled scalability, allowing businesses to adjust resources based on demand. Subscription-based pricing is a common feature, providing flexibility and reducing upfront costs. Maintenance and updates are handled by the service provider, promoting seamless integration and the ability to work collaboratively from any location.

Sunshine OCR Software:

On the other hand, on-premises-based Sunshine OCR software involves deploying applications on local servers within an organization’s physical infrastructure. This model provides a high level of control and security, as data resides on-site. Upfront costs are typically higher, and businesses are responsible for maintenance, updates, and customization.

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Data Security and Privacy

Cloud OCRCloud OCR Software:

Cloud-based solutions employ advanced security measures, including encryption and compliance standards, to protect data. However, concerns about data sovereignty and reliance on third-party providers may influence decisions, especially in industries with stringent privacy regulations.

Sunshine OCR Software:

With on-premises solutions, organizations have direct control over their data, addressing concerns related to data sovereignty. Security measures are implemented in-house, allowing businesses to tailor security protocols to meet specific requirements.

Legal requirements

Sunshine OCR, On Premise OCR,A major part of the localization decision is based on what kind of data you are processing. Some data has to be processed on your servers with specific security requirements. This is an important argument against use of Cloud based OCR.

The federal laws and statutes that are commonly implicated in cloud-based service contracts range from data privacy and security laws specific to financial transaction information, healthcare information and the like. These include:

Cost Considerations

Cloud OCRCloud OCR Software:

Cloud-based models often follow a pay-as-you-go structure, reducing initial investments. However, organizations should carefully consider subscription fees and potential long-term costs, especially as usage scales.

Sunshine OCR Software:

While on-premises OCR provides greater control and security, it typically requires more substantial upfront investments in hardware, software, and IT infrastructure, compared to cloud-based OCR services. Additionally, organizations are responsible for maintenance, updates, and support.

However, many cloud solutions make you to sign contracts charging you annually. Because of that accumulated costs of cloud solutions are often more expensive than it seem. On-premise Sunshine solutions are offered for onetime fixed payment, thou.  Here is a study on Total Cost of Ownership for OCR solutions exploring the costs.

Scalability and Integration

Cloud OCRCloud OCR Software:

Cloud solutions excel in scalability, allowing businesses to scale resources dynamically based on demand. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for fluctuating workloads and evolving business requirements.

Cloud OCR solutions often provide APIs for integration with other cloud services. While this enhances interoperability, customization options may be limited compared to on-premises solutions.

Sunshine OCR Software:

Scalability in on-premises models may require substantial investments in hardware and infrastructure. Planning for future growth involves careful resource allocation and may lead to longer lead times for expansion.

However, modern hardware is capable of processing several million pages per year on a single server with baseline hardware specifications (8-core CPU, 24Gb RAM, 1Tb hard drive). Traditional OCR is CPU-intensive, but it is nothing compared to the requirements of artificial intelligence. When documents can be captured easily without AI, the cost of traditional OCR is significantly less in both hardware and software.

Sunshine models offer extensive customization capabilities, allowing businesses to tailor software to their specific needs. However, integration with external services can be more challenging.


Sunshine OCR, On Premise OCRThe choice between cloud-based OCR and Sunshine OCR software is multifaceted and depends on the unique needs and priorities of each business. While cloud solutions offer flexibility and short-term cost advantages, on-premise models provide control and security, and lower licensing costs in the long term. Many organizations are adopting hybrid approaches, leveraging the strengths of both models to create a tailored solution that aligns with their strategic objectives. The key is to carefully evaluate the specific requirements, scalability needs, security considerations, and long-term costs to make an informed decision that propels the business forward in the digital era.

Sunshine OCR Solutions:

SimpleIndex is committed to the Sunshine Software model and continues to offer an unlimited, perpetual desktop OCR license as it has for over 20 years. Tesseract 5 is included with all versions, and FineReader 11 is offered as an upgrade in the OCR and Professional licenses.

Digitech Systems also offers several document capture and OCR data capture solutions with the Sunshine Software license model.

ABBYY FlexiCapture no longer offers perpetual licenses for on-premise implementations. While you can configure it to run fully offline, the license must renew annually to verify the current subscription or it will expire. You might consider this “partly cloudy”.

Cloud Based OCR Solutions:

Most of the legacy OCR engine developers have moved their flagship product lines to the cloud. ABBYY Vantage is an example, providing a data capture “marketplace” with reusable data extraction models based on common document types.

Modern, AI-based cloud OCR developed by the major tech companies are now dominant in the market. Microsoft Azure AI Vision, Google Vision Cloud and Amazon Textract are the the cloud OCR platforms they provide.

SimpleIndex has lets you leverage the Amazon AWS Textract OCR engine for handwriting recognition, forms processing, invoice processing, and other data capture applications. Google and Microsoft engines can be easily included by request. It also has ChatGPT integration to perform text analysis that allows you to write document summaries and extract irregular data from unstructured text.

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