The SimpleOCR SDK is a fast, lightweight designed to let developers add basic OCR functions to an application with minimal cost and none of the drawbacks of open source solutions.

SimpleOCR is implemented as two C++ dlls with a total file size under 1 megabyte, making it perfect for mobile OCR applications, shareware and freeware applications, or any solution where the 100-500 megabyte footprint of modern OCR engines is impractical. Wrapper dlls and sample code for easy ActiveX and .NET integration are also provided.

The SimpleOCR SDK contains several group of functions including image manipulation, image I/O with TIFF files, image acquisition with TWAIN compliant scanners, and of course, OCR. Note that SimpleOCR SDK can read bi-level and grayscale, and create TIFF files containing bi-level (i.e. black & white) images. TIFF files are created by SimpleOCR SDK using the CCITT Group IV compression scheme, but it can read most TIFF bi-level and grayscale images.

SimpleOCR SDK Documentation

Version 3.5 adds many important new features to the engine. If you purchased SimpleOCR prior to 2007 please contact us to receive an update.

  • Template matching
    Extract only specific characters from a region and ignore the rest

  • Character set selection
    Improve accuracy by limiting results to certain letters or numbers

  • Auto rotate
    Accurately finds correct image orientation

  • Noise removal
    Improved for shaded regions and speckles

  • Error Handling
    Greatly improved

  • Example projects
    Includes C++, Visual Basic, ASP, and VB.NET

  • Returns coordinates of recognized words and images
    Map text to original image, correcting hidden text PDF

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