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There are many document scanning solutions to choose from. ScanStore offers many of the top document imaging solutions under one virtual roof. ScanStore‘s CDIA+ consultants can work with you to explain the strengths and weaknesses of each option and even provide a demo of the products using samples that you provide.

You'll find flexibility with each of these products allowing a one-person shop to jump right in, or scale up to enterprise or service bureau proportions. If you need to throw some into the document imaging mix, ScanStore also carries OCR, forms processing and document management tools.

Information and Advice

Take a look at the Scanning Solutions Comparison page to find in-depth information on the features of the available offerings and for more insight in finding the best fit.

And be sure not to miss the detailed comparison of the favorite Batch Scanning solutions in the exclusive Document Scanning Software Review.

What's Right for You

You want a paperless office and document scanning is part of the path to get you there. Simply buying a scanner and feeding paper into it isn't going to save you money. Automation of the scanning process is what holds costs down and drives up your Return on Investment.

For example, if an OCR automation costs $3,000 to implement, but by doing so you save a $15/hr employee 10 hours per week of data entry, the feature has paid for itself in 20 weeks.

So how do we automate the ? Here are a few possibilities:

  • Full-Page OCR turns a scan into a full-text document you can search

  • Barcodes on each document contain key data like a customer name or invoice number

  • A single field on the document is compared to a database to lookup other data

  • picks up details such as a date or amount due

  • Barcode coversheets give pertinent details for the auto-filing of a stack of paper

In recent years the cost of tasks restricted to the forms-processing realm have come down and it is now possible to perform some of the following processes in batch applications:

  • Dynamic OCR finds data that can move about the page from one form to the next

  • Handprinted information can be understood via (Intelligent Character Recognition)

  • Choices made via checkboxes or fill-in can be recognized

ScanStore‘s CDIA+ experts are waiting to work with you in finding the best fit for your particular document scanning project. Please contact ScanStore for a consultation!

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