OmniPage, originally created by Caere Corporation in the 80s, is one of the oldest and most widely used OCR engines. However, there has been a number corporate buy-outs and name changes in the nearly 40 years since its inception. You may know it as:

  • Caere (Before 2000)

  • ScanSoft (2000-2005)

  • Nuance (2005-2019)

  • Kofax (2019-Present)

Once Nuance offered you a large variety of document OCR products. There were products like OmniPage Ultimate or Standard offering you a good versatile OCR packages for small or mid level businesses. There was an OmniPage Server option for much larger document volumes.

Plus, Nuance offered products like PaperPort as a document management software for new levels of office organization.

Voice and speech recognition requires similar algorithms to OCR, so Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking was developed. But since the applications for speech and are so different, the businesses made less sense for sales and marketing than it did for development.

Nuance decided to leave the OCR market and sold their Document Imaging Division to Kofax. You still can use OmniPage family of OCR solutions, they are just sold under the Kofax brand now.

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