Astro RPA Solutions

Astro RPA is an easier, more affordable Intelligent Automation (RPA) platform.

While other RPA platforms have become bloated and complex, and often require significant training and specialized knowledge that undermine the RPA self-service tech model, Astro keeps things simple and straightforward. Bot licensing is a fraction of the cost of UiPath and other platforms too.

  • Includes one pre-configured bot process, such as e-mail imports or exports to accounts payable solutions like QuickBooks Online.
  • Includes 1 hour of customization and implementation time, enough to install the Bot and configure it for your servers and login data.
  • Professional services may be purchased to create custom bots or extend the functionality of an existing bot.



Boost your solutions and services with Astro RPA

Astro RPA is the full-cycle Intelligent Automation (RPA) platform.

RPA can only fulfill its transformative promise when the technology is robust, flexible, and affordable. The leading RPA solutions became too complex and too expensive to drive the impactful transformation on the broader market beyond Fortune 500 companies.

Key Features

  1. Ready for end-to-end automation

    Astro RPA offers a complete set of automation technology, including task mining, process mining, OCR, and RPA capabilities to support your digital transformation initiatives.
  2. Fits any environment

    Astro RPA provides flexible integration capabilities. It interacts with applications via user interfaces or connects directly to web-services, databases, file systems, etc.
  3. Empowers every user

    While business users and citizen developers can create bots in no-code and low-code environments, experienced engineers use C#, Python, or JavaScript to build custom components.
  4. Lowest TCO
    Total Cost of Ownership to the end user is lowest in the RPA market.
  5. Powerful and flexible RPA capabilities 

    No-code, Low-code and Pure-code capabilities for Bot development.

  6. Integrations with leading enterprise solutions:
    SAP, Lotus, ABBYY FlexiCapture, among other Intelligent Document Processing & AI tools

Accounts Payable Automation with RPA

In just a few clicks, you can an inbox full of invoices to data entered into QuickBooks Online (or any other accounting system) with SimpleIndex and Astro RPA.

The first step is to run our SimpleInvoice job to capture the data from your invoices. Then, with one more click, fire up the robot and grab a cup of coffee while it takes over the job of entering the vendor names, invoice numbers, dates, dollar amounts and expense categories into your QuickBooks Online company file.

Both processes require minimal configuration to get started, so an hour or two of configuration replaces endless time spent manually entering your bills into QuickBooks. End the tedium. It’s why we created robots, right?

Use SimpleInvoice and a Astro RPA robot to:

  • Automatically process and capture the data from your invoices
  • Enter the data into any accounting system (QuickBooks, Xero, FreshBooks, NetSuite, etc.)
  • Brew and drink instead of copy and paste

SimpleInvoice comes with any SimpleIndex license. Our Accounts Payable Automation Bot can be added and customized for your accounting software and workflow.

If your invoice workflow requires line item capture, GL coding, or other advanced features, check out these Enterprise Invoice Processing solutions.

Some initial setup is required, and we can help you out with that too.


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