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SimpleOCR crashes during the OCR process

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Most crash bugs have been fixed in version 3.0 of SimpleOCR.  Please download the new version to eliminate these errors and greatly improve your SimpleOCR experience!

First of all, please be sure to have the last version of SimpleOCR and restart your computer. Then try the following.

Load the SimpleOCR.tif sample file shipped with SimpleOCR and try to OCR it. If you have a crash, please try to uncheck to “extract images” option and retry.  This option doesn’t work on old versions of Windows 95.

Look at SimpleOCR status bar once your document is displayed. You should see something like ‘1728×2200 horizontal and vertical image resolution in Dots Per Inch. If you have some strange values for the resolution (like DPI), it means that your scanning software doesn’t fill the resolution fields properly and it can make SimpleOCR crash. You can report the problem to your scanner manufacturer. Unfortunately, you can’t modify the resolution fields by hand from SimpleOCR. Save the document in a TIFF file and then use a TIFF file editor to change the resolution fields.

If it works with the sample file but not on your document, please try to select the text areas by hand using the “Create Area” tool.

In any case, please mail us a bug report.

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