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SimpleOCR:SDK Functions – OCRSetOutputCharHandler

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OCROutputCharHandler OCRSetOutputCharHandler(OCROutputCharHandler handler)

When the output mode is O

M_TEXT or OM_RICHTEXT, a user defined function of type OCROutputCharHandler will be called by the OCR engine for each “real character” (i.e.: not for EOLs and Spaces). This function is called immediately after OCROutputHandler is called with the event OT_TEXT.

Return Value

Previously selected output handler.

An OCROutputCharHandler has the following form:

void AnOCRCharHandler(int ch, int conf, int left, int top, int width, int height);


ASCII code of recognized character.


Confidence level of the recognized character. Values can be 0-100. The higher the confidence – the engine is more sure about the recognized character.

left, top

coordinates (in pixels) of character in original image.

width, height

width and height in pixels of recognized character.

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