Foxit Maestro Server OCR

Foxit’s Maestro Server OCR converts paper and scanned documents into searchable PDF files. Engineered for automated, high-volume document scanning & OCR needs, Maestro replaces manual document processes with fast, cost-efficient operations. Maestro automates the OCR process by converting any document as it enters a watched folder according to configurable settings chosen by the user. Beyond OCR automation, Maestro incorporates unlimited multi-threading and batch OCR to accommodate high-volume scanning, up to billions of pages per year to make Maestro a robust enterprise OCR software solution.


Automated, High-Volume Conversion of Scanned Documents to Searchable PDF

  • Highly Accurate OCR and PDF Conversion for Efficient Business Scanning, Archiving, and Digitization

  • Minimal Manual Processing Costs with Watch Folder Mode for Touchless, Automated OCR

  • Rapid at High Volume Processing with Batch OCR and Powerful Multi-Threading


  • Watch Folders: Automate OCR processes. Watched folders enable users to leave the OCR process unattended; files are made text-searchable simply by being dropped into a folder.
  • OCR Accuracy: Maestro is able to locate difficult text often missed by competing products. More accurate OCR results produce more efficient employees and better document storage, access, and management.
  • Fast OCR: Process close to 6,000 pages per hour per core.
  • Batch OCR and Multi-Threading on Unlimited Cores: Maestro is designed for high volume, enterprise level processing of thousands up to billions of pages per year.
  • Convert Multiple Formats: Supports the conversion of PDF, TXT, RTF, JPG, TIFF and more into fully text searchable PDF files.
  • Error Monitoring Module: When processing errors occur, the system can automatically retry the job, and produce an error log at the end of the batch.
  • Maestro supports 123 languages, including Simplified and Traditional Chinese OCR, Japanese OCR, Korean, and Arabic.
  • Robust OCR functionality including confidence controls.


Maestro Server OCR software is licensed on a per core basis with unrestricted page volume. The CPU core licensing model provides users with the ability to process an unlimited number of pages, but limits the number of cores that can utilize the solution on the machine in which it was installed. Additional CPU cores can be licensed at a discount to increase the processing speed of the software. When multiple CPU cores are licensed, the software is designed to process documents concurrently on each CPU core that it is installed on. The license fee is a perpetual one-time fee.

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