Tungsten Kofax PaperPort Standard


Tungsten Kofax PaperPort Standard allows individuals and small organizations to scan, share, search and organize documents in a simple, integrated solution. With Tungsten PaperPort, you can take individual information management to new levels of productivity and security using the ultimate digital filing cabinet.


Organizing important personal documentation such as bills, receipts, financial records or photos can be overwhelming. What if you could easily find, scan and share any document, and organize your personal or home office files—all in one place?

Tungsten PaperPort Standard allows you to scan, share, search and organize personal documents in a simple, integrated document management solution. With PaperPort Standard, you can eliminate manual paper clutter by organizing your documents into digital files on your desktop.

Manage Your Documents to Get Organized Instantly

You need a simple, straightforward solution to manage your personal documents. PaperPort Standard reduces paper clutter to manage documents—easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

Organize and Digitize So You Can Work Like Tomorrow

PaperPort Standard drives organization and efficiency that enables you to work like tomorrow:

Document storage

Simply find, scan and share any document, and organize your personal or home office files in one place.

Simplified organization

View, edit, and share PDF files with ease, and reduce paper clutter.

Greater efficiency

End your reliance on copying and mailing, and get access to all your digital documents instantly by creating searchable digital PDFs for quick access—all in one application.

Simple paper to text conversion

Convert paper to text in one, easy step to create editable text for instant use in word processing or spreadsheet software.

Scanner integration

Make your all-in-one printer, mobile scanner or desktop scanner faster and easier to use with seamless integration.


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