Primo RPA Solutions

Primo RPA is the full-cycle Intelligent Automation (RPA) platform.

Primo is ready for End-to-End automation, and fits any work environment. It will work for low or no code platforms, but also will give you an access to Python or JavaScript components to create your own highly customizable bots.



Boost your solutions and services with Primo

Primo is the full-cycle Intelligent Automation (RPA) platform.

can only fulfill its transformative promise when the technology is robust, flexible, and affordable. The leading solutions became too complex and too expensive to drive the impactful transformation on the broader market beyond Fortune 500 companies.

Primo is the only solution that supports partners in 3 unique ways:

  1. Incorporates know-how

    Our years of experience in implementing leading solutions helped us overcome many known limitations of existing platforms. We built Primo as the optimal automation technology fitting a variety of the use cases.
  2. Strengthens your brand

    In addition to reselling and customizing Primo RPA, you can white label the platform and embed its powerful automation capabilities into your solutions and services, delivering everything under your brand.
  3. Fuels your profitable growth

    Primo is not just a powerful and flexible technology. Combined with our unique marketing, sales, and technical support, it becomes a growth vehicle taking your business to the next level of scale and profitability

Key Features

  1. Ready for end-to-end automation

    Primo RPA offers a complete set of automation technology, including task mining, process mining, OCR, and RPA capabilities to support your digital transformation initiatives.
  2. Fits any environment

    Primo RPA provides flexible integration capabilities. It interacts with applications via user interfaces or connects directly to web-services, databases, file systems, etc.
  3. Empowers every user

    While business users and citizen developers can create bots in no-code and low-code environments, experienced engineers use C#, Python, or JavaScript to build custom components.
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