Application for managing and viewing scanned documents, images and PDF files.

Unlike other freeware PDF viewers, SimpleView is designed to work with many files at once instead of one at a time. The free version also supports TWAIN scanning and the ability to move, rearrange and rotate pages.


Simple Software SimpleView using Windows Explorer

Purchase the FULL version to enable annotations, OCR, advanced editing, auto-redact and other features.


Explorer-Based with SimpleView

SimpleView lets you quickly scan, organize, search and view documents stored on your hard drive or file servers. Most systems use a database to organize and search for files. This forces you to laboriously import files into the system, then you must rely on that system anytime you access your files. SimpleView lets you use your existing folder and filing system to find, view and annotate documents. This has several advantages:

  • No server systems to learn or maintain, only a desktop application
  • No reliance on proprietary technology to access your files
  • Uses built-in Active Directory file permissions
  • Use existing access rights or edit them from SimpleView
  • Files can be shared with other applications
  • No need to import and tag files manually
  • Use existing backup plans
  • Users who view documents infrequently can still use Windows Explorer

Most companies that use their file servers for simply use Windows Explorer to find and view files. SimpleView is a much better solution for anyone that works with documents regularly.

  • Integrated document scanning
  • View multi-page documents without opening in Acrobat or Windows Picture and Fax Viewer
  • Double-click files to open in default application for advanced editing
  • Rotate, clean-up, re-order pages, split and merge multi-page TIFF and PDF files
  • Convert documents to text or searchable PDF with
  • Annotations – make notes, highlights and other mark-ups without altering original
  • Automatically highlight or redact text search results
  • More versatile file searching, including pattern matching (RegEx)
  • Search large file shares in seconds instead of minutes
  • Find text inside PDF files (also RegEx enabled)
  • Dockable windows for customized viewing, including multiple monitors


Advanced Regular Expression file search for filenames containing any date

With single-user licenses starting at $300 and multi-user packs for a fraction of that, we think that SimpleView is a competitive replacement for Windows Explorer for anyone who works with scanned documents or PDF files on a regular basis.

New Interface Features in SimpleView 6

SimpleView was the fist Simple Software application to be built on our new imaging and user interface platform. Most of these updates take place behind the scenes and won’t be obvious to users of previous versions. However there are two very big enhancements to the user interface you will notice right away:

Ribbon Toolbar – we have adopted the Windows 7/MS Office Ribbon Toolbar which provides easy access to all program functions, is customizable and familiar to most users.


Full range of standard PDF/TIFF image editing functions

Dockable Sub-Windows – using Visual Studio style dockable panes for each element in the user interface lets you resize each window to get optimal viewing of folders, files and pages. Unused windows can be hidden. Windows can also be undocked, allowing you to view thumbnails on one screen and full page images on another. Screen layout is saved automatically and restored the next time you run SimpleView.


Dockable panes can be arranged, hidden or moved to a separate window or monitor

SimpleIndex users can look forward to seeing similar changes in future releases!

Imaging Quality Control with SimpleView

Even though we think SimpleView 6 has broader appeal as a tool, it is also better than ever at document imaging quality control and rescan functions. We have added some very unique and useful features in this department, including:

  • Instantly view page properties like resolution, color depth and compression type in the toolbar
  • Auto-select files or pages based on above properties
  • Automatically convert resolution, color depth, file type
  • Select all even numbered, odd numbered or blank pages automatically
  • Full support for drag-and-drop with pages, folders and files
  • Splitting and merging files, reordering pages is faster and easier
  • Multi-threaded processing lets you continue working while pages are processed in background

Of course all the standard QC functions from the previous version like deskew, despeckle, rotate, crop, rescan, etc. are all still present!

Unique property select feature easily standardizes file formats

With its low cost and ability to quickly view and edit multi-page TIFF and PDF files, SimpleView is an essential tool for any batch scanning operation.

Freeware & Full Versions

SimpleView is free for those that just need to scan, search and/or view files. The Full version is required for those that need to create annotations, perform image clean-up, batch conversions and OCR. SimpleView will run in Full Trial mode for 30 days with all features enabled. When the Trial period is over it will continue to run in Free mode until activated.





Integrated Windows explorer style image browser Yes Yes
View thumbnails of files Yes Yes
View page thumbnails for selected file Yes Yes
Dockable view windows with multiple monitor support Yes Yes
Supports TIFF, PDF, JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP format Yes Yes
TWAIN scanning to TIFF or PDF Yes Yes
Rescan pages Yes Yes
Rotate pages Yes Yes
Rearrange pages in multi-page files Yes Yes
Extract pages to new file Yes Yes
Append pages to files Yes Yes
Delete pages and files Yes Yes
Email files or extracted pages Yes Yes
Print files or pages Yes Yes
Integrated Windows file security Yes Yes
Fast folder and file searching Yes
Support for Regular Expressions in file and text searches Yes
Search text in PDF files Yes
Deskew (correct image angle) Yes
Despeckle (remove noise) Yes
Remove black borders Yes
Crop images Yes
Detect blank pages Yes
Split large files Yes
Merge multiple TIFF and PDF files into one Yes
Convert files between image formats Yes
to Text or searchable PDF Image+Text (Tesseract) Yes
Resample image resolution Yes
Convert between Black & White and Color formats Yes
Select files/pages based on images properties (Color, DPI) Yes
Annotate TIFF and PDF files Yes
Select files/pages based on annotations Yes
Automatically highlight or redact full text search results with annotations Yes

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