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The Open API is a component of FineReader Server. It can be installed onto any computer in the network.

FineReader Server provides two types of Open API for integration with external systems:

  • COM-based API
  • Web Services API

The Web services API enables communication with remote systems via HTTP and therefore allows for remote integration over the Internet. In case of the Web services API, you do not need to install any components on the client computer.

The FineReader Server 14 Web Services API includes a SOAP API and a REST API.

For detailed information please visit API Overview

The Web Services API provides two services:

  • WebService (http://<ServerName>/FineReaderServer14/WebService.asmx)
  • ServerManager service (http://<ServerName>/FineReaderServer14/ServerManager.asmx)

For detailed information please visit Using WebAPI

Note. In Recognition Server 4.0 the service is available via the following address: http://<ServerName>/Recognition4WS/RSSoapService.asmx

For more information on using the API in Recognition Server, see the built-in help by the path:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ABBYY Recognition Server 4\Help\Open API Help


Working with REST API

Watch this video and see how to use FineReader Server Web Services API in a few simple steps.

FineReader Server can be used by using REST API. To configure this workflow:

  1. Connect to the FineReader Server.
  2. Select a workflow: The FineReader Server 14 Web Services API uses a FineReader Server workflow to process image files. See the list of available worflows by using API/workflows endpoint or call the GetWorkflows SOAP method.
  3. Upload a file: Use the API/workflows/{workflowName}/input/file endpoint or call the StartProcessFile SOAP method.
  4. Check the processing state: Use the API/jobs/{jobId} endpoint or call the GetJobStateInfo SOAP method.
  5. Download the result: Use the API/jobs/{jobId}/result endpoint or call the GetJobResultEx SOAP method.



API reference

The API of ABBYY Cloud uses HTTP POST and HTTP GET methods for sending data to an HTTP server. The parameters of requests are specified in the URL string. The URL depends on the processing location of your application. See Data processing location for details.

Below you can find the two versions of API:

Cloud server requires authentication before allowing access to its resources on the Internet. To authenticate on the server, you need a registered Application ID and Application Password. See details in the Authentication section.


FineReader Server 14 Open API in clusters

If you need to install IIS on several different machines and connect them to one FineReader Server 14 server manager, you would not need the clusters.

If you are still going to use the clusters (FineReader Server 14 Admin guide, Working with clusters), you can do the following:

  1. Install Web API component on several machines;
  2. Open the ports;
  3. Change the location of server manager in Web.config. You would need to type in the IP address of the server manager instead of localhost (default path: C:\Program Files\ABBYY FineReader Server 14.0\FineReaderServerWS\Web.config):



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