Enterprise level OCR refers to applications at the top of level of robustness and capability. Speed and efficiency are the name of the game at the enterprise level so options like batch processing, workflow, security and scalability are found in these applications.

With the fast pace and high volume of documents coming out of an enterprise OCR product, there is also a need for more robust Document Management applications having enhanced features that cover the stricter oversight needs of a larger user base and having the ability to scale up with the growth of the company or the workload.

Such enhancements as:

  • Digital signatures

  • Document life cycle management

  • Version control

  • Advanced keyword searching & full-text indexing

  • Audit trails (HIPAA, Sarbanes compliance)

  • Email archiving

  • Workflow routing

  • Enterprise Report Processing (ERP)

  • Document access control

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Batch Document Scanning and OCR

Document Scanning software lets you scan, name, and organize batches of documents automatically, speeding up processing time while minimizing user input.


secure document management electronic records workflow software

Document ManagementGo paperless with  software, which let you scan and digitally organize your files using structured folder hierarchies and index values.


Consulting, OCR, Data Capture, Document Management

Consulting Services – Have a project that needs OCR, Indexing, Data Capture or more? We’re here to help. Our team with a combined 80+ years of expertise can guide you down the best path to achieve your objectives.


Data capture analyzes a document and grabs only the data you need for your business purposes

Data Capture – When text conversion isn’t enough and you need to grab data from the page to populate your business systems, ERP, EHR, Accounting or virtually any other information need, Data Capture software can pull in the discrete elements you need and leave the junk behind.


Robotic Process Automation of Data Entry

Process Automation – Alright you’ve got the data extracted from your forms, now who’s going to key all that into your business systems? Not it! Robotic Process Automation (RPA) creates a software based “robot” that performs the same repetitive steps of data entry that used to fall to an unlucky staffer, freeing your team to do meaningful work using the data instead of transcribing it. And they never take coffee breaks.

messy business information made easy with ocr data capture

Batch OCR – Converting large batches of files can require a lot of user input to open, validate, and save each file.  software can convert entire folders of files on a schedule, eliminating the need for user input.


Server OCR

Server OCR – When one computer doesn’t have enough processing power to quickly convert thousands of files,  software can intelligently split the tasks among multiple processors, finishing in a fraction of the time.


OCR ICR forms processing software handprint recognition

Forms Processing – Speed up or even automate the recognition and export of machine-typed and hand-printed form data using the latest in enterprise level forms processing software.


OCR SDK enables you to create custom applications that leverage the power of text recognition

OCR SDK – Looking to create your own in-house custom application and need to leverage the power of text recognition? OCR SDKs let you embed the engine of various OCR solutions in a homebrew software solution that fits your business needs.

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