Enterprise level OCR must be a step above the basic OCR tools because it needs to be designed to handle high-volume scanning. Therefore, enterprise OCR must have batch processing capabilities, allowing it to process large quantities of information quickly and efficiently. In addition, accuracy is especially important for enterprise OCR, allowing professional users to trust the reliability of their results.

Another important factor in maintaining your document flow is keeping it stable. Small scale companies may afford to pause for a moment and reconfigure OCR settings, but in case of corporate scale such delays will result in significant monetary and work load losses. Establishing and controlling correct and stable document flow with the help of Enterprise level OCR will save you money and will allow you to sleep easier knowing that no matter what data will be correctly scanned, efficiently processed and safely stored.

Within a large company or enterprise, there is a need for more robust Document Management applications that have enhanced features including security and scalability.

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Such enhancements as:

  • Digital signatures

  • Document life cycle management

  • Version control

  • Advanced keyword searching & full-text indexing

  • Audit trails (HIPAA, Sarbanes compliance)

  • Email archiving

  • Workflow routing

  • Enterprise Report Processing (ERP)

  • Document access control

Document scanning software lets you scan, name, and organize batches of documents automatically, speeding up processing time while minimizing user input.

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Document Scanning

Go paperless with document management software, which let you scan and digitally organize your files using structured folder hierarchies and index values.

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Document Management

Converting large batches of files can require a lot of user input to open, validate, and save each file. Batch OCR software can convert entire folders of files on a schedule, eliminating the need for user input.

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Batch OCR

When one computer doesn’t have enough processing power to quickly convert thousands of files, Server OCR software can intelligently split the tasks among multiple processors, finishing in a fraction of the time.

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Server OCR

Speed up or even automate the recognition and export of machine-typed and hand-printed form data using the latest in enterprise level forms processing software.

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Forms Processing

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