Grooper Document Processing

Grooper was built from the ground up by BIS, a company with 35 years of continuous experience developing and delivering new technology. Grooper is an intelligent document processing and digital data integration solution that empowers organizations to extract meaningful information from paper/electronic documents and other forms of unstructured data.

The platform combines patented and sophisticated image processing, capture technology, machine learning, natural language processing, and optical character recognition to enrich and embed human comprehension into data. By tackling tough challenges that other systems cannot resolve, Grooper has become the foundation for many industry-first solutions in healthcare, financial services, oil and gas, education, and government.

  • Single platform
  • Patented OCR
  • Image processing
  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Zero code
  • Zero templates
  • Open architecture


Powerful and Secure Document Processing

  • Champion AI Initiatives – No-code / low-code machine learning, natural language processing, and computer vision
  • Diverse Data Extraction – Extract data from any physical or electronic data source
  • Protect Data Ownership – Safeguard data and intellectual property
  • Enhance Processes – Stream intelligence into existing tools and applications

What is Grooper Document Processing?

Build human logic and reasoning into documents and other unstructured data, embedding value and meaning without adding layers of complexity. All with Grooper®.

Powerful Document Processing – What Does Grooper Do?

  1. Conquer Paper Documents

    You probably have a mix of digital and physical documents. Intelligent document processing puts you in control of all document processing workflows. Starting with paper or microform? Connect directly to scanner hardware to maximize efficiency and speed. Process all documents from any source without separate modules or add-ons. Enjoy seamless access to all tools and features.

    Intelligent technology is a part of Grooper’s DNA. Learn more about our machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and image processing software.

  2. Powerful Image Processing

    OCR accuracy depends on good image processing. You’ll have access to over 70 image processing commands. Apply them at any time, and multiple times – not just when documents are first added.

    Image processing software achieves three critical goals:

    • Create the best-looking version possible of the original physical document for archival
    • Create images designed for best OCR and data extraction
    • Collect all data stored in tables, boxes, check-boxes, and other bound regions

    3. Intelligent Classification & Extraction

    While once thought of as “advanced capture,” zonal OCR and template-based data extraction are a thing of the past. Layered AI is at the heart of intelligent document processing.

    Organizations processing large amounts of different (or variable) documents need powerful classification and extraction. Easily scale to process billions of data points – daily.

    4. Advanced OCR

    Enjoy near-perfect OCR through advanced and patented layered OCR technology and by using multiple OCR engines.

    Grooper gets the most accurate OCR on the most challenging documents by pairing computer vision, imaging processing, and lexicon-based data look-ups.

    5. Fuzzy Data Handling

    Finally achieve true machine reading by understanding the organic meaning of data – on both business data and common dictionary words.

    Now, instead of relying on exact matches for expected data, fuzzy match your results with weighted accuracy. Familiar with Regular Expressions? This is RegEx on steroids.

    6. Adaptable Integration

    Connect to any CMIS-compliant document repository and to both cloud and local file systems. Integrate external data sources as needed during processing for validation.

    With enterprise-ready data integration you won’t pay extra for to connect your systems. Export data in the format of your choice.


While not open source, Grooper is an open system. All machine learning training is transparent – no black-box algorithms or dark APIs here.

Grooper’s transparent AI enables fine-tune control over settings and an industry first – built-in unit testing.

As a result, you get quick optimization from rapid machine learning model training.


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