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Document Processing via Email in FineReader Server

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In this video, learn how to configure a workflow for document input and processing via e-mail on FineReader Server.

See how in a few simple steps you can configure this workflow. You can even edit the e-mail subject and message. Watch how to setup usage scenario: Centralized document conversion service in this video.

From the document input to the document output, including the document processing, FineReader Server is designed to simplify, optimize and fasten your worflows. Scalable and easy to configure, FineReader Server can adapt to all your needs.


How to convert several emails from MS Outlook into PDF?

In order to convert several emails into a PDF file, you may use the virtual printer PDF-XChange 5.0 for FineReader.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Select the needed emails in MS Outlook.
  2. Press File>Print.


  3. Select ​PDF-XChange 5.0 for FineReader as a printer and press Print.


  4. Save the PDF file.


How to set up the import from the Gmail mailbox using the IMAP Image Import Profile?

  1. In your Gmail, create the folder (mailbox) that you want to import from.
  2. In your Gmail, create the folders (mailboxes) for the Exceptions and Processed emails.
  3. Enable the IMAP protocol in Gmail"
  4. Turn on the Less secure app access option in the Security section of Google Account"
  5. Create a new Image Import Profile (open the project in the Project Setup Station > Project > Image Import Profiles > New). Choose Hot Folder: IMAP Server.
  6. Specify the address of the IMAP server:
  7. Click settings and specify your Gmail login and password. Choose Type of encrypted connection: SSL.


  8. Click Browse and select the folder (mailbox) from the list of available ones. For example, on the screenshot below, the folders Inbox and Test1 can be used for Import.

    If the Test1 folder was specified, the settings will look like this:

  9. Specify the folders for the Exceptions and Processed emails.

  10. Enable the Image Import Profile by turning on the Check Hot Folder every XX seconds option on the Image Loading tab to make the created Image Import Profile automatic.
  11. Enable the Hot Folders for the project in the Administration and Monitoring Console > Settings > Projects page to enable automatic Image Import Profiles for the selected project.
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